Sleep Essential Oil Blend


A good night’s rest is the perfect way to end any day. This blend of amazing essential oils can help calm the mind and body for a quality night of sleep and promote a peaceful, well-deserved night of slumber.

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Magicoil’s SLEEP essential oil blend reduces restlessness and allows you to sleep longer and better in a natural way. This blend will also help to deal with insomnia and other sleep issues.


Essential oil blend includes Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincense, Eucalyptus essential and Olive oil.


  • Lavender is known for its relaxing effects.
  • Chamomile alleviates insomnia by reducing anxiety and tackling depression.
  • Eucalyptus eases from mental exhaustion and helps to soothe the mind
  • Olive oil help to keep you relax.


Roll the blend on your neck, shoulders, and chest.