Focus Essential Oil Blend


Essential oil blend inspires feelings of peace and tranquility to promote heightened awareness and mental clarity. Use this mindful blend to stay present and focused while performing your daily tasks.

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Magicoil’s FOCUS essential oil blend helps to decrease fatigue and increase focus which will lead to better concentration and performance, give you energy, and make you feel revitalized.


Essential Oil blend includes Peppermint, Rosemary, Orange, Lavender, and olive oil


  • Peppermint oil helps to stimulate the mind to help support memory, focus, concentration, and mental performance
  • Rosemary can improve concentration, performance, speed, and accuracy, and mood
  • Orange essential oil can be used for a variety of applications that range from lifting mood and reducing stress.
  • Lavender is known for its relaxing effects


Roll the blend on to your forehead and neck.